Friday, September 20, 2013

Want to be a research scientist? Hear and meet some of the world’s top natural scientists

Cambodia's forests are under constant threat of deforestation
Every year the School of Natural Sciences run the Evolutionary Biology and Ecology seminar series. This is quite a mouthful but is a once in a lifetime opportunity for freshmen and sophister students to hear about cutting edge research in a whole range of disciplines that make up natural sciences, including of course plant science. This year we have speakers from the Universities of Copenhagen, Exeter, Southampton, Michigan State, Neuchatel (France), Greenwich, Oldenberg, Edinburgh and Macaquarie (Australia); the Royal Veterinary College, Swedish University of Agricultural Science, AgroParisTech, and our own University of Maynooth and Queens.

The first lecture is by Professor Ida Theilade who is Senior Researcher at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning. She is also a member of IUCN Species Survival Committee on threatened trees. Her talk is on Evergreen forest types in Cambodia: floristic composition, ecological characteristics and conservation status. Even if you are unsure about plants, then this will give you an interesting insight into biodiversity and conservation and the images are going to be fantastic. She also works on the REDD process (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) with focuses on how to design projects to benefit not only the climate but also biodiversity and forest dependent people. Like many other countries conservation of forests is a very politicized issue, so this will be a very interesting insight into the problems that surround it.

Talks take place every Friday afternoon in the Botany Lecture Theatre at 3 pm starting on the 4th October with tea and cake afterwards. I know you might be a bit nervous about just turning up...but YOU are very welcome to come along and we especially would love to meet and talk to any new students. If you need some more information contact


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